Courses And Workshops

Family play therapy


ד”ר אריאל מנחה סדנה לטיפול במשחק באוניברסיטה בוירג’יניה ארה”ב 2009

Family play therapy and group play therapy

April 18th, 2002  An invited workshop, University of Illinois, Chicago

February 10th ,  2003 –  A workshop for members of  APT (Association for Play Therapy) , New York Branch, New York, USA.

Play and play therap

February 12th, 2003 –  A short workshop for Professor Charles Schaefer’s Graduate play therapy class, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA.

Family play therapy and culturally competent psychotherapy

July 2004 –  In Professor Charles Schaefer’s and Heidi Kaduson’s Summer Play Therapy School, New Jersey; In The Play Therapy Training Institute, Baltimore , Maryland  and for the Association of Play Therapy, Wyoming ,  USA  and for the Play Therapy Association of  Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


אני מנחה בסדנה בטיפול רגיש להבדלי תרבות במכון ארואפאגוס, טימיסוארה. רומניה, מרץ 2003

Family play therapy and integrative play therapy

October 2004 – A four day  family play therapy training workshop at the Child and  Family Therapy Research and Training Institute, Moscow. Two public lectures on integrative play therapy with children victims of terror trauma for mental health professionals in Moscow.

Integrative play therapy

October 2009  – A one day training workshop on integrative play therapy in the framework of the Virginia Branch of the North American Association for Play Therapy, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

Integrative psychotherapy, culturally competent psychotherapy and integrative play therapy

October 2009 – A lecture  in the framework of a panel on integration in psychology and psychotherapy, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

February-March 2010 -Consulting about family therapy training curriculum and presenting training  workshops in the framework of Kosova Health Foundation, Prishtina, Kosovo,  and in the framework of  the Areopagus Institute of Family Therapy,  Timisuara, Romania , sponsored by the Traveling Trainers program of the International Family Therapy Association.

Family play therapy

July 2010 – The European University , Tirana, Albania

סדנה טיראנה 23.7.11פלוסPlay Therapy
January-May 2012 – A course on play therapy for English speaking mental health professionals in the Jerusalem Jewish Orthodox community
December 2013  – A three-day workshop on play therapy for mental health professionals in the Arab community, in Tirah.

Play and education
December 2014 – A course about using play in Kindergarten education for special education teachers.