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Ariel, S. 2019. Integrative Play Therapy with Individuals, Familiesand Groups. UK: .Routledge.

Ariel, S. 2018. Multidimensional Therapy with Families, Children and Adults: The Diamond Model. UK: Routledge.








Ariel, S., Keith, D., Martinez-Ortiz, D., Prosky, P., Shi, L., Tiurean, A., Whiteside, R. (2014). The birth of family therapists: The Kosova systemic family therapy training program. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 25 (3), 225-245.

Ariel, Shlomo. 2008. ARIEL. Integrative, Multi-Systemic, Culturally Competent Psychotherapy. An unpublished textbook.

Ariel , Shlomo , 2005. Family Play Therapy. An invited  chapter in Schaefer, Charles, Judy McCormick and Akiko Ohnogi, Eds. The International Handbook of Play Therapy. New York: Jason Aronson.

Ariel, S. , 2002. Children’s Imaginative Play – A Visit to Wonderland. Westport, Ct: Greenwood Publishing Group (with an introduction by Brian Sutton-Smith).

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Ariel, Shlomo , 1999. Culturally Competent Family Therapy. Westport, Ct: Greenwood/Praeger.

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Ariel, Shlomo.  1997. Strategic Family Play Therapy. A Chapter in Play  Therapy, Theory and Practice: A Comparative Casebook. New York , Wiley. [Invited by the editors].

Ariel,Shlomo.1996. Re-storying Family Therapy.[An overview of my work in family therapy, [invited by the  editor].  Contemporary  Family Therapy . Special Issue: Family Therapy in Israel.

Ariel,Shlomo. 1994. Strategic Family Play  Therapy. (2nd edition) Chichester:Wiley.

(a Spanish edition of this book was published by Limusa, Mexico, in 2002).

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Ariel, Shlomo.1992 .Semiotic Analysis of Children’s Play: A Method for Investigating Social Development. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, Invitational Issue: Talk in the Study  of  Socialization and Development. Catherine Garvey, Guest Editor. January  1992, Vol.38, no.1.[Invited by the    editor for the issue].

Ariel,Shlomo.1987. An Information-Processing Theory of  Family  Dysfunction. Psychotherapy.  Special Issue on Family  Therapy, vol.24, no.3S [invited by the editor for  the  special  issue].

Ariel, Shlomo, Carel,Cyntia and Tyano, Shmuel.1985.Make-Believe Play Techniques in Family Therapy. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy.

Ariel, Shlomo ,Carel, Cyntia. And Tyano, Shmueel.1984, A Formal Explication of the Concept ”Family Homeostasis”. Journal of Marital and   Family Therapy.

Ariel,Shlomo.1984, Locutions and Illocutions in Make-believe  play. Journal of  Pragmatics.

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Ariel, Shlomo; Sever, Irene and Kam, Matia.1978. Play in the Desert and Play  in the Town: On Play Activities of  Bedouin Arab  Children. In Play and Culture, Helen B, Schwartzman, ed. N.Y.  Leisure Press.

Non-Academic Publications (Hebrew or English):

Ariel, S. 2019. Shoosh, the Story of a Little Sea-Horse. (written and illustrated by Ariel).

Ariel, S. 2015. Shrinking Heads in Chicago . A thriller Published by Amazon Kindle books.

1997. An adaptation of Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling. Performed by Orna Porat’s Children’s Theater, Director: Ruth Kanner.

1985. Hayot (animals) .A review play (songs and short vignettes) for children. Directed by Ruth Kanner.

Ariel,S. 1985.Keepy in the Nursery School. Stories for Young Children. Tel Aviv :Institute of Educational Technology.

Ariel,S. 1984. Miloni LaTorah.A Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew. Tel Aviv:Institute of Educational Technology.

Ariel,S. 1983. Miloni. A Hebrew Dictionary for first graders.Tel Aviv: Institute of Educational Technology.

Ariel,S. 1976 .Play songs for preschoolers. Tel Aviv:Massadah.

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