Training Programs

2019 on Academic director and trainer, Integrative psychotherapy and integrative play therapy training programs, Insitute of Family Therapy, Izmir, Turkey
2009- 2015 Academic director and trainer, Family Therapy and Systemic Practice Training Program, (5 years). The University Psychiatric Clinic and the Kosova Health Foundation, Prishtina, Kosovo (delegated by the International Family Therapy Association).

2011- 2012 Director, lecturer and supervisor, a 2-year training program in integrative play therapy, the David Yellin graduate college of Education, Jerusalem, Israel (Approved Provider by the Association of Play Therapy).

2012 – Integrative play therapy course and supervision for mental health professionals of Ultra-Orthodox mental health professionals in Jerusalem.

2008 -2009 Founder, teacher and supervisor, Integrative Play Therapy: Child, Adolescent & Family Psychotherapy, A 2-year Training program for mental health and helping professionals, in the framework of Program for Advanced Studies in Integrative Psychotherapy, Magid Institute for Continuing and Adult Education, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel (Approved Provider by the Association of Play Therapy).