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The David Yellin Academic College of Education 

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Integrative Play Therapy Training Program 2013-14

Coordinator: Shlomo Ariel, Ph.D.; MA Clinical Psychology; Expert-Supervisor of Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy. Specialized in psychotherapy integration, culturally competent psychotherapy, play research and integrative play therapy.

Faculty: Dr. Shlomo Ariel; Dr. Odeda Peled, Expert of Rehabilitation and Developmental Psychology, Neuro-psychologist, Expressive Arts and Play Therapist. And other lecturers.

Duration: Two academic years.

Scope:  14 weekly hours, divided as follows: First year – 6 weekly hours. Second year – 8 weekly hours.

Day and times:  Thursdays, 08.30-13.45

Potential trainees: Clinical Child Psychologists; Educational Psychologists, School Counselors; Social Workers; Expressive Therapists and other helping professionals having at least a second academic degree in their respective professions and a title of Expert or Expert-Supervisor issued by the respective legally authorized bodies, having at least two years of therapy delivering experience, who work in places facilitating therapy with children, their families and their community.

*The number of participants is limited.


  Deep acquaintance with new models of integrative, multi-systemic, culturally competent therapeutic work with children who struggle with emotional, behavioral, social or developmental difficulties.  

Learning about various theoretical approaches and research methods in play research and integrative play therapy

Acquiring diagnostic evaluation methods based on naturalistic observations on play and tools for therapeutic interventions using play and creative activities

Acquiring methods of play diagnosis and integrative play therapy with children who struggle with development and communication disorders.

Supervised  practice.


History  of play research and the various theoretical and practical approaches to play therapy

Introduction to the integrative, multi-systemic approach

Multi-systemic, integrative diagnosis and therapy

Observing ,transcribing and analyzing naturalistic observations of spontaneous play of individual children, children's groups and families

Normal and special development of play

The universal and culturally specific characteristics of play

Play as a therapeutic tool  in individual, group and family therapy with children who struggle with a wide range of difficulties

Evaluation of the therapeutic process and its outcomes


Admission procedure

Written resume, recommendations , individual and group interviews. Special cases will be considered individually

Language of Studies   Hebrew


A certificate of successful completion by the David Yellin Academic College of Education

Partial completion of the accreditation criteria of the Israeli Play Therapy Association See

Recognition of the theoretical courses by the North American Association for Play Therapy


Partial completion of the accreditation conditions of the Israeli Family Therapy Association.


For information and registration:  Tel 97236587528; Telefax 97236587522;  7 Maagal Beit HaMidrash Street. P.O.Box 3578, Beit HaKerem, Jerusalem 91035, Israel .


A video about the Kosova Systemic Family Therapy Training program, presented by Shlomo Ariel